100% LINEN

30˙C machine wash
d not wash with different colors.
can be  tumble dried
can be ironed in high temperatures
whiteness naturally in the sun
hanging will prevent creases, ironing might not be necessary

This tee is made of high quality thick linen fibers. Natural, breathable, dry, and cool in warm temperatures. Linen is very hygroscopic – it can absorb even up to 20%  of its mass and this is why it remains dry to touch.

This t-shirt was 100 % made of linen from a small family business specializing in linen production for generations.  This fabric is friendly to the environment. The efficient production of this resistant fiber does not require as much usage of water as for example conventional cotton. Moreover, 100% of the plant is being used for various purposes, so there is no waste.

The fabric has a really soft feel on your skin, you would be surprised it is linen. It’s because of the use of natural stone washing technology  which simply involves stones into washing. It gives our linen natural casual/carefree look and prevents creasing too dramatically. It would be enough just to hang it nicely after washing and you are ready to go.

So as you can see, linen is very resistant, washing it often and ironing in high temperatures not only makes it cleaner but also softer and gives it a better look. That makes our t-shirt very durable and long-lasting.

Linen, known for its hygienic and hypoallergenic properties, is perfect for sensitive skin.

DKK 450,00